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Bona sau gradinita: dilema parintilor

Parents'dilemma: babysitter or kindergarten?

Ideally, at least in the first 2-3 years of life, the little ones should stay home with their parents for as long as possible until they learn to speak well so that they can convey what they feel, what fears / fears they are dissatisfied with, what they like more ...
Child-raising leave up to 2 years of age is a solution in the first instance, as long as there are no financial constraints in the family (with the rise of children and expenses also increase), but the current times make us think. ..
Unfortunately, if there are no grandparents around to help raise their grandchildren, parents are forced to find other solutions and choose the best option for both children and them. In making the decision, the child's age, temperament and, of course, the financial situation of the family matter.
Then comes the dilemma: do we choose the babysitter or kindergarten?
If the budget is limited, the public kindergarten is just the only option, but the places are limited (demand is higher than the offer) and the number of children in a group is too high (in which case the child will not receive the utmost attention from the part of the educators).
If there is financial availability, then there are other options, with advantages and disadvantages each.

The advantages of the kindergarten:
- the child enters the community and learns new skills through imitation
- the staff is qualified (with studies and experience in the field), is aware of the latest methods of learning children, adapts their work style, according to the personality of each child
- the price (in private) is comparable to a bone

The disadvantages of the kindergarten:
- entry into a new environment of the child, which can lead to anxiety / annoyance for the child and implicitly to parents
- lack of parental control over the activities, program, menu, behavior of the staff / other children towards the child
- holidays are a bit long and this creates a discomfort to parents who have to find someone who is available to stay with the child (it must be a person the child knows, accept and feel good)
- the child will get sick more often, which will lead to weakening of the body and will have missing periods in the kindergarten (in which case the child must stay with someone at home again)
- taking unwanted habits from other children (sweat craving, forgetting about TV - excessive cartoons, learning words / expressions inappropriate for their age, etc.)
- the child's habit of getting up early in the morning (because parents have to get to work).

The advantages of the babysitter:
- 100% attention to the child
- the child's activities, program and menu can be controlled by parents, depending on the child's preferences
- the environment is familiar to the child and babysitter often becomes a member of the family
- the child is protected from frequent illness, possible conflicts / inappropriate behavior of other children
- you know that someone is constantly taking care of your little one (you can enjoy the leave of the babysitter since hiring)

The disadvantages of the babysitter:
- it may happen not to be the most suitable person for the child (even if he had good recommendations from former employers), although the initial interview seemed to be a good solution;
- may sometimes be unreasonable person (especially if she is unhappy with something) and may quit unexpectedly (some babysitters prefer to work without a contract of employment and thus have no constraint).

In some cases, parents even prefer the babysitter & kindergarten combination, to alleviate the disadvantages or to have back-up alternatives, if one of them does not work as expected.
After all, what matters is that the little one feels good and then the parents will be happy and will be able to worry about their work.

Good luck in the inspired choices!

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