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qualities of an efficient housekeeper

What are the qualities of an efficient housekeeper that ensures success in a collaboration?

The housekeeper has become an important and indispensable person in the family, when the time does not allow us to clean up our house.
Finding the right housekeeper can be a real challenge for a family, given that the person must meet some mandatory requirements and be compatible with family members (or at least with the family contact person who will help her to accommodate and will assign the tasks during the collaboration).

A person who wants to work as a housekeeper for a family in the long run must has the following qualities:
1) to show earnestness throughout the collaboration - given that often the family leaves the house in the care of the housekeeper (handing over the key to the house), it must be ensured beforehand that the person has good recommendations from former employers , in order not to have surprises ...
2) has an organizational spirit in house affairs - usually tasks are multiple (eg cleaning, washing, ironing, cooking, etc.), each one needs a certain amount of time and good planning can solve this problem, so as to fit into the established work program;
3) experience on this post - each activity is done more efficiently by a person who knows to assume each task, so it is important to have worked on a similar post. However, there are cases in which the person does not have a job but has similar activities in her own family and then she will have to convince her future employer (eg in a short trial period) that she is doing well and deserves to be granted a chance;
4) has knowledge in the field - the housekeeper will work with cleaning materials, with household appliances (increasingly complicated to use) and therefore the expectations of the families from her are getting bigger. That's why the housekeeper's receptivity to the use of products is important because it helps to avoid some inconvenience (eg, burning a shirt at the ironing, breaking the washing machine, damaging the furniture, etc.) that no family wants;
5) be flexible - each family has its own preferences and wants to be respected by the housekeeper, so the person must be adaptable and keep "the habits of the house";
6) be diligent - to be able to win the appreciation of the family, the person must be working, doing things with sense of responsibility and being accustomed to physical labor (this is mandatory);
7) be careful about the rules and details - advice / any comments made by the family about the work done are important to the housekeeper and she must remember them because they will be useful for her in the future. Paying attention to both the visible and the hidden areas is also important and may be a reason for praise or, on the contrary, for family discontent;
8) be discreet and devoted - often the housekeeper observes intimate things in the family' life becoming a "close family" and she must keep the confidentiality, both to keep her job and for not to put the person in a negative position. Devotion to family strengthens the relationship and confers trust and premisses for long-term collaboration.

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