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Când este necesar să angajezi o îngrijitoare

When is it necessary to hire an elderly carer for an elderly persons?

With our aging, our grandparents / parents feel the need for more help because they see themselves helpless in dealing with the various problems and illnesses that occur. Some of them realize that they need help and others need to be convinced with clear arguments.
You want help them, know them safe and give them the support, as they did for you when they could.
In this case, one of the options is to hire a competent person to care for them, supervise them, and offer them company when you are not present with them.

Here are some clues to help you figure out the time has come to hire an elderly carer:
1) Neglect of medication
With age, different illnesses may also occur, and maintaining the health of loved ones is conditioned by prescription medication (that is, at appropriate times and doses). There may be situations when they either do not pay attention, they forget to take their medication and they do not feel well.
2) Memory loss
Many older people are lucid to the last minute, but various mental illnesses, such as dementia or Alzheimer's, may affect their memory, and then they do not recognize loved ones around them, they do not know what they call, what they ate, what they made that day, etc.
3) Loss of mobility
The ability to move may be lost as the body ages and illnesses occur (eg: arthritis or other ailments) and these affect the ability of the elderly to move (the movements are slower, sometimes unsafe).
4) Social isolation
The fact that they are not as active as they once are, can make the elderly feel unnecessary, emotionally unstable, and can create feelings of apathy, depression, etc. A person permanently beside them will help them overcome these moments by engaging in various activities, according to their age and physical condition (eg: easy walks through the park, discussions on various topics, card games, tables, chess, remi, film / theater, physician, church, birthday, etc.) to improve mental balance.
5) Unobtrusive look
When physical appearance does not matter (eg: they wear dirty clothes, they do not wash, etc.), it is proof of the decline for them.
6) Cleaning the house
Living in a dirty space (eg: misery in the house, altered food in the refrigerator, unwrapped laundry, etc.) is another sign of the inability of the elderly when they no longer know what to do.
7) Irresponsible and meaningless spending of money
Lack of reasoning about spending (eg: buying products totally useless to them) is another indication that they can no longer take care of themselves.

With much patience and affection for loved ones, you will be able to help them accept the new stage in their lives and adapt to their lifestyle accordingly.

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